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Consumer Product Saftey Commission

We provide a wide range of services for commercial properties. From "ground up" builds to updating high bay lighting. We have a professional staff and the tools for your buildings electrical system. We take care of your any electrical repair & installation in Dallas and Fort Worth area so chances are we are already in your neighborhood. Emergency calls 24/7, Generator Installations, Power Distribution, Service repair, wiring repair, ballast change, are just a few of the things that we can do for your facility at a negotiable rate.


The precautionary action that must take place can be one or both of the routes taken in the pictures above. Using methods to make the connection in the box greater, or to do a full panel upgrade is typically advised. These connections make it a lot harder for HOT wires to come lose over time, in turn hopefully saving a life. A majority of the homes constructed with aluminum wire conductors also have an out dated electrical panel. This can also be a hazard when combining an out of date system with aluminum wiring.

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