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The Best Lighting Arlington TX has to Offer

E.P.I.C. Electric covers all the lighting Arlington TX residents need. From installing lights to enhancing your home’s overall vibe or look to finding an energy-saving lighting solution, we are here for it all. Recessed lighting, for instance, is beautifully simple: it is installed in the ceiling itself to cast large amounts of light from an inconspicuous source. It gives beautiful light coverage for any place, but it is especially appealing in kitchens and living areas that are high traffic and generally crowded. Low voltage lights also have a great demand among people with big homes and large power consumption. 

The best thing about recessed lighting Arlington TX homeowners love is how they go primarily unnoticed. They are simply out of the way while giving out a bright light. The vast range of colors and designs you can choose from is another advantage of getting recessed lighting. You can bring out almost any space within your home by adding the perfect recessed lighting to it. If you are confused about what to choose, we would be happy to give you our suggestions! 

Dallas circuit breakers are also an essential aspect of your home when we discuss the electrical connections there. E.P.I.C. Electric ensures that your Dallas circuit breakers are working perfectly fine whenever you call us for an inspection. This is important because your house’s connection can get interrupted by a jolt of high voltage anytime, and your breaker must activate as soon as anything happens.

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We have over 12 years of experience maintining electrical systems in facilities like yours.

Bringing Electric Car Charging Stations Dallas Locals Seek Out To Your Garage!

It is never too late to be environmentally friendly. If you have an electric car do not hesitate to bring the electric car charger to your home! We are aware that everyone has different driving habits. Some people tend to travel more than others, and therefore, need to have a quick recharge at home when their car requires it. E.P.I.C. Electric has been installing home electric car charging stations Dallas locals love in their garages for quite some time now. Our specialized electrical services Texas are competent and knowledgeable about everything involved in the installation process. From site inspections to the equipment needed and installation, they are experts at it all. 

We install every brand and all models that a customer may need. We take care of all the technical details while relieving you of all of the worries that come with charging your car. Our electricians can also tell you what the best available option is without going over your house or business’s amperage limit by using a simple load calculation. Overriding that limit could result in power outages or costly repairs, so our electric charger installation experts will ensure that your charger supplies the proper amperage. 

Furthermore, charging terminals for electric vehicles rely on adequately wired outlets. We suggest that you do not try to install this electric charger yourself because it contains a frightening quantity of energy! By ensuring that your new charging station is wired correctly and to code, we protect both you and your vehicle. We provide the best option for home electric car charging stations Dallas locals rely on.

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Outdoor Lighting Fort Worth Natives Appreciate

The open area of your house, either your porch, deck, or yard, is where you go to feel comfortable after a hectic day at work or the space you use to host holiday parties. However, you choose to use your outdoor space, a well-lit space makes for great ambiance. At E.P.I.C. Electric, we have some cool ideas for outdoor lighting Fort Worth homeowners need. You will instantly feel cozy as our landscape lighting Arlington TX homeowners love, works its wonders.

Improperly installing the outdoor lighting Fort Worth homes need can lead to poorly lit residences. Although some people prefer brighter landscapes than others, different shades of lighting and designs can vary widely according to people’s preferences. Texas commercial electrical company, some of our clients even opt for color-changing lights! What remains the same is the effort we put into ensuring that all the landscape lighting Arlington TX residents love, create the perfect atmosphere, add beauty to your space, and are a reliable source of light. We provide the light for you to navigate your house safely even when there are extreme weather conditions.

Regardless of extreme weather, when you hire our team, we ensure there is no way you could get an electric shock. Our electricians use their vast experience and in-depth knowledge to suggest solutions that aren’t only budget-friendly but also add noticeable value to your home. So, what are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity to have one of our landscape lighting specialists illuminate the beauty of your house and garden. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, provide upfront pricing, and assist you in making your lighting dreams a reality. Contact us today!